About Us – SAWLFA Origins

  • Interest in recent years in the use of traditional wood floors and the newer generation laminate flooring in commercial and domestic buildings prompted responsible local business concerns to form an industry representative body.
  • This initiative is in line with comparable organisations throughout the world, many of which have been active for a considerable length of time. This can be seen in the established European and other national standards bodies that have contributed enormously to high standards in refined products. These high standards are now synonymous with the South African wood and laminate industry.
  • Thus, the Southern African Wood and Laminate Flooring Association (SAWLFA) was formed in November 1998 to develop an awareness of wood and laminate flooring and to address the needs of both the local industry and the customer.

Future success for all our businesses lies in our collective hands. Only through the medium of a strong, pro-active industry body can we fully promote the products, our expertise and services on a professional basis.


Code Of Ethical Practice

A quality wood and laminate flooring installation is entirely dependent upon a fully professional service, initiated by the integrity of member companies, their directors and staff. In the spirit of – ‘excellence’, the Southern African Wood and Laminate Flooring Association subscribes to and adopts the following Code of Ethical Practice and mandates total compliance by all members as a condition of membership.

  • All members will discharge their duties and responsibilities in accordance with the laws of the country.
  • All members will maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity towards their clients, employees and each other.
  • All members will maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity towards their clients, employees and each other.
  • All members must ensure their competency to be able to discharge their professional and contractual responsibilities.
  • All members will carry out their responsibilities diligently and in good faith.
  • All members will maintain and exercise due care to prevent unauthorised disclosure of confidential matters.
  • A member shall not maliciously injure the reputation of any fellow member.
  • All members to install to correct installation procedures as stated by SAWLFA.

The SAWLFA Mission

  • All products conform to strict European and South African standards.
  • Protection of the public through the establishment of industry standards.
  • Installations are performed according to SANS 10043 and 10070.

To Be Achieved By:

  • Providing a unified voice for the industry.
  • Setting and maintaining industry standards through: The completion of Codes of Practice in conjunction with recognised international
and local authorities. These include Standards SA and the Building Technology
Division of the CSIR.
  • Accreditation of installers of wood, laminate and vinyl flooring: No installer member is listed without going through the correct installation procedures exam (accreditation).
  • Establishment of guidelines and material for training and education
of industry participants.
  • Playing an advisory role and providing impartial opinions (Inspections) to resolve problems and/or disputes.
  • Providing a central advisory forum for technical matters.

SAWLFA Badges & Certificate

Membership Certificate

Accredited Installer Badge

Advanced Accredited Installer Badge