Benifits of Membership

Types of Membership

  • Corporate Member – an importer, manufacturer or distributor.
  • Associate Member – a peripheral goods/service provider.
  • Retail Member – selling to the consumer and installing.
  • Installer – you install only.

Benefits Derived From SAWLFA Membership as an Installer or Associate Member


  • Use of the SAWLFA logo
  • Accreditation
  • Certificated credentials for presentation to prospective clients
  • Access to technical data and expertise
  • Training, workshops, seminars and forums for discussion
  • Unbiased evaluations and opinions

As a Manufacturer/Supplier/Distributor Member

  • Use of the SAWLFA logo
  • Improved standards
  • Representation in the process of formulating and upholding of standards
  • Access to a full spectrum of technical expertise
  • Participation and interest in the process of quality installation of own product
  • Interface with reputable installers

As a Consumer

  • Advice on products, suppliers, installation and maintenance
  • Verification of supplier and/or installers credentials
  • Protection of the consumer through objective evaluations and unbiased opinions